TIME'S UP has launched a signature initiative, Time’s Up Measure Up, to ensure that women’s concerns and experiences during the pandemic are highlighted and taken into consideration when designing policy responses to the COVID-19 crisis.

While this crisis illuminated many structural failings in how we support women, these failings aren't new, or specific to COVID-19. They are the result of generations of choices, and to fix them, we will need to confront and correct these choices.

This project was a collaboration between TIME'S UP (project lead, content, and policy), IDEO (site concept, design, and implementation), the Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (data gathering, formatting, and translation), and the Rutgers Center for Women and Work (research and recommendations).

We aim to use data as a means to hold a mirror up to society to expose the existence and manifestations of systemic inequality. However, numbers do not speak for themselves, and the context and humans behind the data are equally critical. The interactive narrative experience provides a look into the experiences of the women behind the data.

We are grateful to the women who bravely shared their stories.
How might we identify and utilize powerful, digestible, and actionable data-driven indicators to inform and influence the articulation of narratives in service of communicating intersectional issues impacting women?

We envision a data system that enables policymakers and journalists to access, investigate, and learn from with critical information related to women’s challenges and use this data to fuel their work, whether it’s advocating for new policies or writing journalistic pieces that inform and activate key audiences.
This report was made possible with the support of Pivotal Ventures, an investment and incubation company created by Melinda Gates.